Soft Shackle 5/16 Amsteel Blue 29K#

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Made in the USA. These are not cheap imitations. Soft Shackle made from 5/16" Amsteel Blue. Our Shackle uses a uniquely designed button knot and self-tightening loop that will not slip during use. Use Soft Shackles to connect winch lines and straps to attachment points where you would normally use a steel shackle. Soft Shackles are also handy for attaching to objects that a steel shackle wont. Things like frame's, roll cages, bumpers, and extension ropes. Soft Shackles are stronger then steel and much safer. They are light weight and they float. 29,000# MBS

Now included is a PROTEC Nylon chafe protection sleeve. The thickest, highest quality chafe guard on the market.